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June 30, 2004

Two more minor releases today

Two further releases have been put out today - the latest is now 0.1.4. Among the new features are the addition of bold and italic HTML tags into the text and the changing of the editor font (this doesn't save yet). Qt's text editing API really is fantastic.

June 26, 2004


Just managed to get the Prefs dialog working ... funny how what look like intractable problems can come from just missing out one simple thing? In this case, it was just the lack of a simple #include line in order to set and access the contents of a text box in a dialog ...

First post on Catkin development blog

This is the first time in the weeks that I'm supposed to have been working on this application that I've sat down and done any sustained work on it. Up until now I've been mostly tinkering with Qt Designer, designing things like the preferences dialog box, sorting out the signals and slots etc. This seems to have been mostly sorted out now. I have a habit of taking my laptop up to the old reading room at the British Museum to combine a day up town with the project. This is looking increasingly infeasible as the laptop is taking its weight (literally) on my back, especially with my trusty Qt book (Blanchette & Summerfield, C++ GUI Programming with Qt3, released by Prentice Hall earlier this year).

Things I did today:

  • Writing of FTP & local directory settings to QSettings
  • Worked on extracting data from the Prefs dialog (hey, it's supposed to say this is a novice developer's blog ...)
  • Fixed a few layout problems with the dialog in Qt designer

Things still to do:

  • Extracting the data from the prefs dialog
  • Selecting the editor font (this is going to be left until last, because it's a prettification thing and doesn't affect usability)
  • The whole FTP thing (the initial version will be a compose & submit program, not a management app).