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July 19, 2004

Started on SFTP support

Today I seriously started on providing SFTP support for uploading a blog. I've found a SSH library by a guy called Aris in Belgium, which is written in C and contains a set of dedicated SFTP functions, so that should make things easier. I've provided a selector in the preferences dialog box, so that the user can select whether to use FTP or SFTP (or none). Trouble is, the radio button type selector doesn't work very well, and when it displays on a Mac it doesn't look very good. And another Qt bug appears when you use the layout device in Qt designer. Basically it puts a red box round a set of widgets in Qt designer, but when it comes up in your program, the outer edges of the widgets just disappear. I should take screenshots of these bugs and send them to Qt - I've since removed the buttons, and replaced them with a "combo box".

I've not even started writing the actual SFTP upload routines yet, though. It looks like they may block the normal operation of the program, which the Qt FTP upload features don't.

July 12, 2004

Version 0.2 is out!

Today I finally uploaded the 0.2 release of Catkin, which is available for download at Sourceforge. It actually says 0.2 on the About box now (something I'd forgotten to change on the beta release, which still said something like 0.1.4). I've discovered that the Qt file dialog API does not recognise the ~ symbol which denotes a Unix home directory, at least not in the X11 version which uses a Qt file dialog (rather than the Mac native one). So in order to specify a subdirectory of your home directory, you need to put the full path, i.e. /home/username/blog or whatever, rather than just ~/blog.

I'm now working out what to put in the next major release. I'm leaning towards SSH/SFTP support as this is one thing which I have been asked for in feedback, and apart from that, SourceForge won't let you use FTP for blog posts, which means I can't use Catkin to write this blog! Well, I can write with it, but I can't post. I've just found a SSH library at this website although it's in very early stages, so I'll see how it goes. No idea when the next version will be out! Perhaps mid August if I'm lucky. (The whole thing has to be done by the end of September as it's my college project.)

July 5, 2004

Recent developments

As you will probably tell not much has happened on the Catkin blog front since last Wednesday. This certainly can't be said for the application however - new features are being added hour by hour. I put out another sub-point release today (0.1.5) and more features are in the CVS. Qt's text editor API is brilliant - you can add so many simple features to an editor with just a couple of lines of code. It is now possible to add bold and italic tags to an entry (as with the editor which was on the Blogger website the last time I used it), HTML links (and add the http:// on to the front of an address just at the click of a button), image tags, and paragraphs. There is also a facility to paste a link from the clipboard into an entry.

What's still to do before the 0.2 release is to include a text-field in the toolbar, to allow the user to access sub-blogs without constantly using the Preferences dialog box. Also, I'd like to include multiple blog profiles, so that you can store details about more than one blog and switch between them. That may or may not be for 0.2 - I don't think so.