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Announcement: Catkin QTM

This is the announcement of my recommencement of development on Catkin QTM, formerly simply Catkin. Catkin was originally a Qt-based desktop client for the CGI blog server Blosxom; however, after abandoning the use of Blosxom for my own blog for Movable Type, development on Catkin ceased. QTM is to be a desktop client for MT, Wordpress and other blog applications and content management systems which use the same network interfaces (XML-RPC) as Movable Type.

The original, whose last release was 0.2.4, was based on Qt 3.3.x. With that release, it was possible to write, minimally format and preview entries, and to submit them to a Blosxom blog using FTP. The present version is being re-written from scratch using Qt 4.1. This decision has been made because my main desktop machine is a Mac, and OS X 10.4 broke compatibility with Qt 3.3 (and 3.3.5 would not compile on my Mac, despite what Trolltech said); on top of this, development was going so slowly that by the time it is ready for production use, it is quite possible that KDE 4 will have been released and KDE 3.5 will be obsolete or nearing obsolescence. In any case, Qt 4.1 is available for most Linux distributions in binary and source form.

I intend that the next version to be released will be numbered 0.3, and will be released only when similar functionality exists as did in the last Blosxom version, 0.2.4.


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