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QTM landmark reached

This afternoon I've finally managed to make it possible to submit entries to a blog (tested, briefly, using MT and Wordpress) and for it to set the categories successfully. This brings the 0.3 release that much nearer. What held this point up (by a couple of days, but a frustrating couple of days all the same) was a couple of very simple XML-RPC typing errors (methodType rather than methodName, and categoryID rather than categoryId). So, I might be putting out a snapshot within the next couple of days. However, one should understand what one still can't do with this. You can't save entries to disk (but you can copy-paste out of the app to other programs). You can't edit a post once it's been submitted! So it's rather like MT's QuickPost feature, except that it doesn't die or clear itself (perhaps it should); if you blog something which has already been blogged, a fresh copy will be produced on the server. Also, the XML-RPC routines block sometimes, which often necessitates restarting the program. Anyway, I should be submitting the snapshot to KDE-Apps and Sourceforge fairly soon, so watch this space.

Update: the released version is available via KDE Apps and via SourceForge. Older Blosxom versions are available there as well.


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