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0.3: Second beta released

I've put out a second beta version of QTM 0.3. This version allows the user to decide whether or not to save a password (in plain text) when saving an entry; it also encodes ampersands in link and image URLs inserted using the menu or toolbar actions; it does not do this, however, in regular text. The user must remember that ampersands will be recognised as uncompleted code by their blog server, and will cause it to fail. Ampersands must be entered as &

Downloads, as ever, are at Sourceforge.

In other news, Qt 4.1.1 has been released. Its text-editing performance is not as improved as I had hoped; it also adds significant user-interface bugs such as icons displaying on a black background, font sizes changing in the toolbar when the preview button is toggled. Mac users in particular might want to consider sticking with Qt 4.1.0 for the time being.


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