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July 4, 2006

Mac OS X disk image released

Note: I have just issued a new Universal binary disk image, to replace the huge download I issued yesterday complete with debug & release Qt frameworks ... anyone who was put off by that may now download this disk image of much reduced size.

Now that version 0.3.7 is out and the application has reached some level of stability and feature completeness, I thought the time was right to work out how to make a distributable Mac OS X Qt app and a disk image ... which involved a fine-tooth-comb reading of the Trolltech Deployment HOWTO ... I'll need to work out some way of automating those "install_name_tool" commands.

Anyway, the disk image is here. It is a PPC-only Universal binary built on a G4 with OS X Tiger. I can't give any guarantee that it will run on Panther or anything earlier. The application binary contains four Qt frameworks; I don't believe that an up-to-date Qt Aqua binary exists anywhere (there was a 4.1.0 binary, but version 4.1.0's text editor class never did cut it).

I expect this to be the last 0.3 release; work is about to start on version 0.4 and on a bit of documentation such as a FAQ (you might have seen the empty FAQ section to the right ...). I expect the next feature will be accounts, which will allow you to choose between different blog installations without entering all the details into the preferences dialog. I can't give an ETA on version 0.4 though. I'm also toying with the idea of migrating the project to CMake as this is what the KDE people are doing ... but I'm wondering how necessary it is for QTM as QMake is generally adequate.

July 3, 2006

Version 0.3.7 released

Hot on the heels of version 0.3.6, which fixed major bugs in previous releases, version 0.3.7 adds two minor new features:

  • The ability to use a context menu to add the filename of the XML-RPC receiver script (they are nearly always called xmlrpc.php or mt-xmlrpc.cgi, so you can right-click and choose one of the two when entering the location).
  • The ability to browse for a drafts directory (that greyed-out Browse button is now plumbed in and it works).

Downloads at KDE Apps and SourceForge. Binaries for SUSE 10.1 and Ubuntu 6.06 Dapper are now available.

Version 0.3.6 released

Version 0.3.6 contains a major bug fix - the categories now set properly when loading a saved entry from disk. In addition, it now prompts the user to specify a password if the entry was saved without one, and sets the categories accordingly. (Previously, it just told you to specify a password in the preferences window, and left you to re-set the categories.)

In addition:

  • The error messages which appeared in the status bar when starting up or changing blogs are gone
  • UK pound signs are encoded
  • QTM no longer refreshes the blog list if the server and location are the same after the preferences dialog has been used
  • There is a new toolbar icon, for marking up a block of text as blockquote

Source downloads are available, as ever, at SourceForge or KDE Apps. As for binary packages, the SUSE 10.1 package will follow pretty shortly, but I don't know if I can continue supplying the Ubuntu .deb binaries as the computer I used which ran Ubuntu has packed up, so if someone wants to maintain the package, my email address is in the README.