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Version 0.3.6 released

Version 0.3.6 contains a major bug fix - the categories now set properly when loading a saved entry from disk. In addition, it now prompts the user to specify a password if the entry was saved without one, and sets the categories accordingly. (Previously, it just told you to specify a password in the preferences window, and left you to re-set the categories.)

In addition:

  • The error messages which appeared in the status bar when starting up or changing blogs are gone
  • UK pound signs are encoded
  • QTM no longer refreshes the blog list if the server and location are the same after the preferences dialog has been used
  • There is a new toolbar icon, for marking up a block of text as blockquote

Source downloads are available, as ever, at SourceForge or KDE Apps. As for binary packages, the SUSE 10.1 package will follow pretty shortly, but I don't know if I can continue supplying the Ubuntu .deb binaries as the computer I used which ran Ubuntu has packed up, so if someone wants to maintain the package, my email address is in the README.


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