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Version 0.3.7 released

Hot on the heels of version 0.3.6, which fixed major bugs in previous releases, version 0.3.7 adds two minor new features:

  • The ability to use a context menu to add the filename of the XML-RPC receiver script (they are nearly always called xmlrpc.php or mt-xmlrpc.cgi, so you can right-click and choose one of the two when entering the location).
  • The ability to browse for a drafts directory (that greyed-out Browse button is now plumbed in and it works).

Downloads at KDE Apps and SourceForge. Binaries for SUSE 10.1 and Ubuntu 6.06 Dapper are now available.


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Hi there
I downloaded ur app to give it a try ... to add my weblog I went to
file >> preferences and got the dialog blog account seetings ... the blog type dropdownlist is empty and thus i m not able to specify my blog type as wordpress ... could u help me out
thanx in advance

Hi there,

The blog account type thing has not been implemented yet. Just fill in the server, location, username and password and it should all work fine. I've tested it out on a test Wordpress blog at my own site and you can still post entries.

Well it doesnt seem to work .. these are the entries I made

Server -> http://wordpress.com
Location -> ankur.wordpress.com
Login -> ankur
password -> *******

It isnt working ... I am working on my College project and was looking fwd to add a blog this feature in my app, so this is how I landed up @ ur weblog ... Will be reading and learning frm ur code next week ... Will help QTM with code in future ...

You don't put http:// - my mistake, I should have pointed this out. You just put the server name.

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