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QTM version released (updated)

Version 0.3.8 of QTM has just been released; a source package, an RPM package for SUSE and a Mac OS X disc image (universal binary) are all there for download at SourceForge or, alternatively, at KDE Apps. New features this time round include the ability to lose account details with one click of a pushbutton in the preferences dialog, and a bug fix which blocks all routes to network access when there are no account details present. This is because network access in such circumstances causes the application to crash (which often happened after the preferences window was closed after account details were removed). I intend to post a DEB package for Ubuntu Dapper fairly shortly (this is always more difficult and involved than making an RPM package).

Version 0.3 is now a "branch" in the source repository; the trunk of the tree, or "HEAD", is now being used for preparing version 0.4. This will include multiple accounts and I hope it will be available within a few weeks; there may or may not be a version 0.3.9. Unfortunately I cannot get this application to work on Windows 2000 (the only version of Windows I have access to on a machine with network access); it compiles OK, but crashes when trying to fetch material from the network. When I get to the bottom of this I intend to start issuing Windows installers as well; until then, it's Linux and Mac only, unless someone else wants a try, of course.

Note: I have had to update this again, to fix another route to the aforementioned crash bug, namely the fact that network actions (like Blog This, refresh blog list and refresh categories) were enabled at start-up whether or not there was a useable account. This has been sorted in version, available at KDE Apps or SourceForge. Binaries to follow shortly.


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