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QTM version 0.3.9 released

I've just released version 0.3.9 of QTM, as source, as an RPM for SUSE Linux v10.1 and as a Mac OS X Universal binary. The new feature here is the use of Qt's own XML generation classes (DOM-based) as a means of converting your entries into XML in order to submit them to the blog server, rather than generating XML as plain text. This makes encoding more reliable and should cut out the invalid XML errors which were a problem in the older releases. I've also trapped a number of incidents where the program was trying to access the network without the proper details (valid location, username and password), which had been causing the program to crash before. (If you try and access a server that doesn't exist, it will still crash.)

Downloads are available, as ever, at KDE Apps and Sourceforge.


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