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QTM ... with Qt 4.2

Trolltech has just put out the first release candidate of Qt 4.2, and naturally as a Qt 4 developer I was eager to get my hands on it, for among other reasons to see what it would look like with the new Cleanlooks theme, derived from GNOME's Clearlooks and, like Qt's new support for GLib, intended to make Qt apps blend in on the GNOME desktop. Anyway, here's a snapshot:

QTM screenshot with the Cleanlooks theme></img></p>

<p>There are a number of bugs in the theme (remember, it's not an official release) - among them that it sometimes (but not always) displays toolbar items wrong when they are of different heights - instead of being in a straight line along the middle, they are straight along the top.  There is another issue, which isn't necessarily a bug, which is that on monitors like mine with a slight tinge - in my case, a Dell 1905FP with a noticeable pinkish tinge - the menu bar looks a completely different colour to the toolbar: a bluish grey and a light pink, respectively.  Admittedly this is a monitor fault, but it's common in lower-end TFT monitors.  Perhaps theme designers might consider this when they choose their colour schemes?</p>

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