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October 29, 2006

More Qt 4.2 progress

It's been a long while since I last made an update release of QTM. What happened was that I was working on fixing a crash bug which turned out to be a much simpler matter than I had originally thought (that I was continually deleting the HTTP object when there was no need to). Then I got side-tracked, as the Qt 4.2 release candidate came out, with its new system tray icon class being a particularly attractive feature. Instead of doing the logical thing and releasing a version of QTM with the crash bug fixed, I decided to explore the STI feature.

I have now implemented a functional system tray icon. The STI works on any system which actually has a system tray, namely KDE, GNOME, IceWM, Windows and the Mac. There are, however, irritating glitches on all platforms. On KDE and, to a lesser extent, GNOME, right-clicking on the icon does not guarantee bringing up the QTM menu; it may bring up the environment's system tray menu instead. You may have to left-click a couple of times before you get QTM's own menu. On the Mac, when starting the app and only displaying the icon, as opposed to a new entry as well, it leaves you with an empty menu bar rather than simply handing back control to whatever you were running before; on the Mac and Windows, closing down from the STI does not always work as it should.

What I will probably do is release a version 0.3.10 as a stable release with the STI isolated. One Qt 4.2 feature which will be in 0.3.10 is a better font selection dialog, integrated into the main preferences window, which uses the new Qt font selector. The program will be structured so that the old preferences dialog will load instead on Qt 4.1.

And here are some screenshots, starting with the new, improved preferences window (so far only implemented for Qt 4.2):