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QTM version 0.3.10 released

I have just released the source for version 0.3.10 of QTM - downloadable at KDE Apps and SourceForge as usual (binaries will follow in the next couple of days, I hope). As I did not announce the beta release here, here are the changes since version

  • Crash: fixed bug which caused app to crash when trying to access non-existent web servers or servers (i.e. when server or location was wrongly specified)
  • Qt 4.2 update: now has a system tray icon, which can be compiled in or not, as required. See README file for information on how to compile it in. Able to begin a new entry, open a saved entry, set whether to open a blank window on startup and to quit.
  • Qt 4.2 update: new tabbed preferences window which also sets the editor, preview and console fonts using the Qt 4.2 font combo box (as specified here). The old preferences window is still present when Qt 4.1 is used
  • New Edit menu action to set the console font (Qt 4.1 only)
  • Can now post to Blogger blogs (but only as a draft; this restriction is at Blogger's end and is the case on all client applications)
  • Bug fix: warning message which sometimes appeared when opening entries from files with the password missing is now gone.

I consider this to be a stable release; focus for development is now shifting onto version 0.4, which I intend will have multiple user accounts besides the one which is accessible now. When this will come out, I don't know.


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Would love to try the debian build, but you used libc6 2.4 what is not available on Etch. Could you recompile it with the libc6 on Etch please?

Frank: I don't have access to a system which runs Etch, but I have one which runs Ubuntu Dapper which also uses glibc 2.3.6. I'll get a binary done for that platform this weekend and then perhaps that'll work on Etch.

mmh, who built the .deb package then? I can build it on my system, just don't know how exactly ;)

You need to install cmake, which is the standard build system for QTM now. You may also be able to use qmake, but I've not used this method for a while.

Unfortunately, the version of cmake currently part of Etch is 2.4.4 which was updated to 2.4.5 within days of release because of bugs brought up on the mailing list (to which I subscribe). I'm not sure if it affects building QTM. You may like to install that, then use it to build the tarball from the CMake home page.

To configure with all the features of Qt 4.2 (such as the system tray icon), use this (from the main source directory):


Don't forget the dot; cmake won't configure without it. Then use make and make install.

No, no I know how to compile it. I've done it already.

But I would make the Package so its officially Etch usable ;)

Well, I found the instructions in a book called The Debian System by Martin F Krafft, which you can get from the Open Source Press (in German). If you like, I'll email you a tarball of my debian directory, containing the rules, changelog and other files used in building a package.

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