June 8, 2007

Republish categories test

This is just to test out whether republishing with categories works or not.

Let's add somemore text.

May 18, 2007

Yet another test post!

This is yet another attempt to test out posting to publish with MT and QTM. If you want to know about QTM, see here

Trying out posting to publish with QTM and MT

No, it's not a new release. I'm just testing out the publish feature.


December 9, 2006

QTM version 0.3.10 released

I have just released the source for version 0.3.10 of QTM - downloadable at KDE Apps and SourceForge as usual (binaries will follow in the next couple of days, I hope). As I did not announce the beta release here, here are the changes since version

  • Crash: fixed bug which caused app to crash when trying to access non-existent web servers or servers (i.e. when server or location was wrongly specified)
  • Qt 4.2 update: now has a system tray icon, which can be compiled in or not, as required. See README file for information on how to compile it in. Able to begin a new entry, open a saved entry, set whether to open a blank window on startup and to quit.
  • Qt 4.2 update: new tabbed preferences window which also sets the editor, preview and console fonts using the Qt 4.2 font combo box (as specified here). The old preferences window is still present when Qt 4.1 is used
  • New Edit menu action to set the console font (Qt 4.1 only)
  • Can now post to Blogger blogs (but only as a draft; this restriction is at Blogger's end and is the case on all client applications)
  • Bug fix: warning message which sometimes appeared when opening entries from files with the password missing is now gone.

I consider this to be a stable release; focus for development is now shifting onto version 0.4, which I intend will have multiple user accounts besides the one which is accessible now. When this will come out, I don't know.

September 3, 2006

Minor update: version

Yesterday I released a minor update, fixing a bug introuduced in version 0.3.9 in the code which was meant to fix an earlier bug. For anyone who knows Qt, it was a signal-slot mismatch, and it was causing the initial host lookup not to be acted upon.

Downloads are available at SourceForge (with source also at KDE Apps if you prefer). Source, a Mac OS X universal binary and RPMs for Ubuntu Dapper, SUSE 10.1 and Fedora 5 are there now. (By the way, SUSE's Qt 4.1 RPMs are now located here for 10.1 and here for version 10. The binaries for 9.3 seem to have been deleted.)

August 24, 2006

QTM version 0.3.9 released

I've just released version 0.3.9 of QTM, as source, as an RPM for SUSE Linux v10.1 and as a Mac OS X Universal binary. The new feature here is the use of Qt's own XML generation classes (DOM-based) as a means of converting your entries into XML in order to submit them to the blog server, rather than generating XML as plain text. This makes encoding more reliable and should cut out the invalid XML errors which were a problem in the older releases. I've also trapped a number of incidents where the program was trying to access the network without the proper details (valid location, username and password), which had been causing the program to crash before. (If you try and access a server that doesn't exist, it will still crash.)

Downloads are available, as ever, at KDE Apps and Sourceforge.

August 6, 2006

QTM version released (updated)

Version 0.3.8 of QTM has just been released; a source package, an RPM package for SUSE and a Mac OS X disc image (universal binary) are all there for download at SourceForge or, alternatively, at KDE Apps. New features this time round include the ability to lose account details with one click of a pushbutton in the preferences dialog, and a bug fix which blocks all routes to network access when there are no account details present. This is because network access in such circumstances causes the application to crash (which often happened after the preferences window was closed after account details were removed). I intend to post a DEB package for Ubuntu Dapper fairly shortly (this is always more difficult and involved than making an RPM package).

Version 0.3 is now a "branch" in the source repository; the trunk of the tree, or "HEAD", is now being used for preparing version 0.4. This will include multiple accounts and I hope it will be available within a few weeks; there may or may not be a version 0.3.9. Unfortunately I cannot get this application to work on Windows 2000 (the only version of Windows I have access to on a machine with network access); it compiles OK, but crashes when trying to fetch material from the network. When I get to the bottom of this I intend to start issuing Windows installers as well; until then, it's Linux and Mac only, unless someone else wants a try, of course.

Note: I have had to update this again, to fix another route to the aforementioned crash bug, namely the fact that network actions (like Blog This, refresh blog list and refresh categories) were enabled at start-up whether or not there was a useable account. This has been sorted in version, available at KDE Apps or SourceForge. Binaries to follow shortly.

July 4, 2006

Mac OS X disk image released

Note: I have just issued a new Universal binary disk image, to replace the huge download I issued yesterday complete with debug & release Qt frameworks ... anyone who was put off by that may now download this disk image of much reduced size.

Now that version 0.3.7 is out and the application has reached some level of stability and feature completeness, I thought the time was right to work out how to make a distributable Mac OS X Qt app and a disk image ... which involved a fine-tooth-comb reading of the Trolltech Deployment HOWTO ... I'll need to work out some way of automating those "install_name_tool" commands.

Anyway, the disk image is here. It is a PPC-only Universal binary built on a G4 with OS X Tiger. I can't give any guarantee that it will run on Panther or anything earlier. The application binary contains four Qt frameworks; I don't believe that an up-to-date Qt Aqua binary exists anywhere (there was a 4.1.0 binary, but version 4.1.0's text editor class never did cut it).

I expect this to be the last 0.3 release; work is about to start on version 0.4 and on a bit of documentation such as a FAQ (you might have seen the empty FAQ section to the right ...). I expect the next feature will be accounts, which will allow you to choose between different blog installations without entering all the details into the preferences dialog. I can't give an ETA on version 0.4 though. I'm also toying with the idea of migrating the project to CMake as this is what the KDE people are doing ... but I'm wondering how necessary it is for QTM as QMake is generally adequate.

July 3, 2006

Version 0.3.7 released

Hot on the heels of version 0.3.6, which fixed major bugs in previous releases, version 0.3.7 adds two minor new features:

  • The ability to use a context menu to add the filename of the XML-RPC receiver script (they are nearly always called xmlrpc.php or mt-xmlrpc.cgi, so you can right-click and choose one of the two when entering the location).
  • The ability to browse for a drafts directory (that greyed-out Browse button is now plumbed in and it works).

Downloads at KDE Apps and SourceForge. Binaries for SUSE 10.1 and Ubuntu 6.06 Dapper are now available.

Version 0.3.6 released

Version 0.3.6 contains a major bug fix - the categories now set properly when loading a saved entry from disk. In addition, it now prompts the user to specify a password if the entry was saved without one, and sets the categories accordingly. (Previously, it just told you to specify a password in the preferences window, and left you to re-set the categories.)

In addition:

  • The error messages which appeared in the status bar when starting up or changing blogs are gone
  • UK pound signs are encoded
  • QTM no longer refreshes the blog list if the server and location are the same after the preferences dialog has been used
  • There is a new toolbar icon, for marking up a block of text as blockquote

Source downloads are available, as ever, at SourceForge or KDE Apps. As for binary packages, the SUSE 10.1 package will follow pretty shortly, but I don't know if I can continue supplying the Ubuntu .deb binaries as the computer I used which ran Ubuntu has packed up, so if someone wants to maintain the package, my email address is in the README.

June 13, 2006

Version 0.3.5 released

Yet another new version ... version 0.3.5 adds the ability to set the editor font and to mark up a selection of text as a blockquote (a feature I use a lot myself). It also squashes a bug I thought had been fixed in the last release: the inability of the user to specify a drafts directory properly, caused as it turns out by the inability of the Qt File Dialog widget (QFileDialog) to resolve tildes (the Unix ~ home directory symbol). I've also greyed out the non-functional Browse button in the preferences dialog.

Downloads are at KDE Apps or Sourceforge, where there is a source bundle, a RPM and a .deb file (built on SUSE 10.1 and Ubuntu Dapper respectively).

May 26, 2006

QTM version 0.3.2 released

Technorati Tags: , , , ,

Version 0.3.2 of QTM has been released - yes, it's been two months since the least, for which I apologise to anyone who's been following the project and waiting for an update. An important new feature in this release is Technorati tag support: you can paste in Technorati tags using the clipboard, or type them in by hand. You can also save them to disk.

This version solves that bug which stopped entries being submitted as edits to Wordpress sites. This is because they were submitted as XML-RPC string elements, rather than as date elements. Another bug fixed is the unencoded special characters, particularly ampersands, which were continually producing errors.

Downloads are available in the usual places: KDE Apps and Sourceforge.

March 14, 2006

QTM 0.3.1 released

QTM version 0.3.1 was released today. New features include:

  • A redesigned left-side panel, meaning less clutter and more room (via a multi-page widget) for settings
  • Ability to include an RSS excerpts, and load and save them
  • Toolbar text removed, to get around Qt 4.1.1 font-size issues
  • Bold and italic icons tidied up a bit
  • Various bug fixes, including one which resulted in HTML tags being submitted as plain-text sample tags

Next up is likely to include Technorati tags, trackbacks and keywords. Downloads are available at KDE Apps and SourceForge.

February 28, 2006

0.3: Second beta released

I've put out a second beta version of QTM 0.3. This version allows the user to decide whether or not to save a password (in plain text) when saving an entry; it also encodes ampersands in link and image URLs inserted using the menu or toolbar actions; it does not do this, however, in regular text. The user must remember that ampersands will be recognised as uncompleted code by their blog server, and will cause it to fail. Ampersands must be entered as &

Downloads, as ever, are at Sourceforge.

In other news, Qt 4.1.1 has been released. Its text-editing performance is not as improved as I had hoped; it also adds significant user-interface bugs such as icons displaying on a black background, font sizes changing in the toolbar when the preview button is toggled. Mac users in particular might want to consider sticking with Qt 4.1.0 for the time being.

February 23, 2006

0.3: First beta released

I've just got out the first beta of QTM 0.3. Given that there's just me developing it and I've not had much feedback, the final 0.3 release is probably not that far away. What's changed since the last version is the addition of save and load, which is what separated the 28th Jan snapshot from the old 0.2.x releases that came out in 2004.

Downloads can be found at Sourceforge here. Any bugs can be reported at Sourceforge here.

Update 23rd Feb: Two bugs have come to light. One of those is that ampersands are not encoded in the submissions, as they should be, resulting in invalid submission faults in posts containing ampersands. This should be corrected, I hope, in the second beta. One person has also reported that his use of the program results in segmentation faults. I'm not sure what is causing this as it does not do this to me (I use Qt/Mac 4.1.0). There is also the issue of the slow Qt text-editing widget used for composing entries; I'm not sure what can be done about this, although the Qt 4.1.1 changelog lists "significantly improved performance when appending and editing text" among the changes.

July 12, 2004

Version 0.2 is out!

Today I finally uploaded the 0.2 release of Catkin, which is available for download at Sourceforge. It actually says 0.2 on the About box now (something I'd forgotten to change on the beta release, which still said something like 0.1.4). I've discovered that the Qt file dialog API does not recognise the ~ symbol which denotes a Unix home directory, at least not in the X11 version which uses a Qt file dialog (rather than the Mac native one). So in order to specify a subdirectory of your home directory, you need to put the full path, i.e. /home/username/blog or whatever, rather than just ~/blog.

I'm now working out what to put in the next major release. I'm leaning towards SSH/SFTP support as this is one thing which I have been asked for in feedback, and apart from that, SourceForge won't let you use FTP for blog posts, which means I can't use Catkin to write this blog! Well, I can write with it, but I can't post. I've just found a SSH library at this website although it's in very early stages, so I'll see how it goes. No idea when the next version will be out! Perhaps mid August if I'm lucky. (The whole thing has to be done by the end of September as it's my college project.)

July 5, 2004

Recent developments

As you will probably tell not much has happened on the Catkin blog front since last Wednesday. This certainly can't be said for the application however - new features are being added hour by hour. I put out another sub-point release today (0.1.5) and more features are in the CVS. Qt's text editor API is brilliant - you can add so many simple features to an editor with just a couple of lines of code. It is now possible to add bold and italic tags to an entry (as with the editor which was on the Blogger website the last time I used it), HTML links (and add the http:// on to the front of an address just at the click of a button), image tags, and paragraphs. There is also a facility to paste a link from the clipboard into an entry.

What's still to do before the 0.2 release is to include a text-field in the toolbar, to allow the user to access sub-blogs without constantly using the Preferences dialog box. Also, I'd like to include multiple blog profiles, so that you can store details about more than one blog and switch between them. That may or may not be for 0.2 - I don't think so.

June 30, 2004

Two more minor releases today

Two further releases have been put out today - the latest is now 0.1.4. Among the new features are the addition of bold and italic HTML tags into the text and the changing of the editor font (this doesn't save yet). Qt's text editing API really is fantastic.